British Isles Cruise – Cobh Ireland – Blarney Castle – St Coleman’s Cathedral

The fourth day of this journey brought us ashore in Cobh, Ireland. The featured destination from this stop is the Blarney Castle about a 45 minute drive away. As one would imagine, the marquee item at the castle is the Blarney Stone. Had I waited in the one hour and fifteen minute line I would had the opportunity to have my souvenir photo taken and then laid on my back at the top of the castle to kiss the Blarney Stone. I didn’t.

OK, this is what the Blarney Castle would look like if it had the sky from another photo I took about 4 days after instead of the very white sky that appeared on our visit to the castle.

Blarney Castle - home of the Blarney Stone

Tight roads are large buses filled with tourists make for interesting passing. As you can see from the scratch marks on the mirror, not all the passing go by successfully.

Tight squeeze between tour buses.

I don’t remember what we purchased from this store, but it might have been one of the more than 300 products that are cheaper than Tesco’s like the sign set. I just liked the very red color of the building.

The painted red T.M.C. food market - Cobh, Ireland

The light colored gates offset the dark grey colors of St. Coleman’s cathedral in Cobh, Ireland.

Exterior view St. Coleman

The main entrance to St. Coleman’s cathedral.

Main entrance St. Coleman

Interior photos of St. Coleman’s cathedral.

Interior photo of St. ColemanInterior photo of arches in St. Coleman

The interesting part of this photo are the chimneys. Seen from above, you can tell how many fireplaces each house has by counting the number of flues on the chimney. I must have actually been listening to one of the tour guides instead of taking photos because I am positive I didn’t have that bit of information stored somewhere in my brain before this trip.

Chimneys for multiple fireplaces in Cobh, Ireland homes.


Rainy and wet return to California for New England Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady

There was a wee bit of moisture in the air during much of the game. OK, that’s a slight understatement. By the end of the 2nd quarter it was pouring, and it rained hard through most of the first 3 quarters. This photo of Patriot quarterback Tom Brady walking off the field at the end of the second quarter shows just how hard it was raining yesterday at Levi’s Stadium.

At halftime the Patriots held a 13 – 10 lead over the 49ers. The Patriots went on to win 30 to 17 with Tom Brady throwing four touchdown passes.

New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady


Super Moon November 14, 2016 – Largest Perigee Full Moon till 2032

This Monday the 14th of November, 2016 will treat sky watchers to the largest Super Moon since Harry Truman was President of the United States. The moon will turn precisely full on November 14, 2016 at 5:52 AM Pacific Standard Time for those of you on the West Coast.
At that time, the moon will be 221,524 miles from earth. In this Super Moon from 2014, the Moon which features the spot where Apollo 11 landed was 221,783 miles away. 

2014 Super Moon with landing site of Apollo 11 indicated.


British Isles Cruise – England – Ireland – Scotland – London – Paris

I know, now it seems like now I am a world traveler. Not really. I had never left the North American continent until last year. This summer’s 20 day journey included a cruise around the British Isles, followed by a few days in London and Paris. As usual I travel with camera in hand, and what follows are the interesting and beautiful photos from the trip. If you are thinking, Keith I didn’t know about your journey last year, are there amazing photos from that trip I can view? Yes, you are in luck, not only are the wonderful photos to view, but I have blog post that links all photos and blogs posts. Here it is. 

This sunset photo taken from our room on just our 2nd day at sea turned out to be the best sunset of the trip. The composition of the photo was improved even more when an member of the crew stood in the window on the bridge to view the sunset.

Sunset at sea with the bridge of the Caribbean Princess in the foreground.An interesting sign just outside the docks of South Hampton where we would board the Caribbean Princess cruise ship. Apparently the “diamonds” go to the left, and the “squares” go to the right.

Interesting sign outside the port area of South Hampton, England

The walkway leading to the 18th floor Sky Walkers night club at the stern of the ship. ( for you land lubbers, the stern is the most aft part of the ship. It’s the back of the ship )

The walkway leading to the 18th floor night club on the Caribbean Princess cruise ship.

This was inside a church in the town of Guernsey which was our first stop on the cruise.

A plaque inside a church in Guernsey - St. Peter Port dedicated to the memory of Sir Edward Chepmell Ozanne.

It certainly looks like a great spot to drink fine wines, real ales, and have a smoke while in Guernsey.

How could one pass by a place called the cock and bull and not take a photo?

The Waterloo House featuring “tasty mobile” as the sign on the left from Sure store says.

A Sure photo store in Guernsey UK.

There’s green, and then there’s really green, and then there’s how green The Swan Inn is.

The greenest door I have ever seen - Guernsey UK.

When your garbage absolutely positively needs to get there on time, call Island Waste.

Island waste truck speeding through Guernsey UK.The walk and don’t walk signs were different than here in the United States, but not that hard to figure out.

Walk and don

Each day at noon at the Guernsey castle they fire off one of the canons. These two gentlemen in red are marching toward the canon to fire it off.

At the Guernsey Castle each day at noon they fire off one of the canons.

These paintings from the Guernsey Castle are the Duke and Duchess of I don’t know who the heck they are because I wasn’t able to find anything about them on the Castle’s website.

Paintings inside Guernsey  castle.

The sign on the bow of the boat reads, “For Sale – Genuine Enquiries – Please Phone”. Since I didn’t have a genuine Enquiry, I didn’t call to see how much they were asking.

Blue and white boat for sale in the dock area of Guernsey UK.

In the United States this elegant looking building would be some historical monument that had been preserved to save our history. In the UK where there are literally thousands of old buildings like this, it’s a music store.

Historical looking building atop a hill in Guernsey  UK.


Colin Kaepernick back as starting Quarterback against the Buffalo Bills

It’s been an interesting 2016 NFL season for Colin Kaepernick even though he has essentially not played any downs through the first five games of the season, and will get his first start of the year against the Buffalo Bills. Interesting in that he was almost traded before the season started and then he started a controversial national protest movement by kneeling down during the National anthem’s playing before the game.

No matter what the circumstances, if your team is 1-4 and the starting quarterback looks ineffective, the next quarterback in line is sure to get a start. That’s more so likely when the backup quarterback has playoff, and NFC championship victories on his resume.

San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick runs up field during a preseason game against the Green Bay Packers at Levi