British Isles Cruise – South Queensferry – Edinburgh Scotland – Edinburgh Castle

The 11th day of our sea ferrying journey started with our boat parking by the Forth bridge and a tender to South Queensferry Scotland. From there it was walk to the Dalmeny train station and a train ride the Edinburgh with a final destination of Edinburgh Castle on the Royal Mile.

We must be in Scotland, there’s a man in a kilt playing the bagpipes.

Man in kilt playing the bagpipes streets side in Edinburgh Scotland

The Forth Road bridge between North and South Queensferry Scotland. It turns out if you google “world famous bridges”, google displays what they feel are the most famous bridges in the world. The Forth Bridge came in “20th place”, with the Golden Gate listed in the number one spot. While I didn’t cross the Fourth bridge, I did travel under it, so I think it can be crossed of the list. By the Google listing I’ve crossed the number one most famous bridge ( the Golden Gate ), walked the fifth most famous ( the Tower Bridge in London ) and eight most famous bride ( the Rialto Bridge in Venice ). I have also been inside the 33rd most famous bridge, the being the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Italy. Since now since I’m “bragging” about all the world famous bridges I crossed, I shall mention in the 36th spot the Bay Bridge ( the San Francisco – Oakland Bay Bridge ) which I’ve crossed hundreds of times.

Forth Road bridge - Queensferry ScotlandReflection in blue bus - Edinburgh ScotlandBuildings that appear to be hundreds of years old - Edinburgh ScotlandTaxi cab waiting for fare in Edinburgh ScotlandA rather large fireplace inside Edinburgh Castle.

Fire place inside Edinburgh Castle

The Red Room inside Edinburgh Castle. Yes, I did make up that name. It is actually the Great Hall.

The red room inside Edinburgh Castlen

Iconic Red telephone booths just outside Edinburgh Castle.

Iconic red telephone booths in Edinburgh Scotland

The slow shutter speed and panning with the cabby gives the illusion he was flying through town. As this was the Royal mile and it’s packed with tourists, the driver wasn’t really going that fast.

Ads adorn taxi cabs in Edinburgh Scotland

His eyes seem to follow you around the room. It’s magic.

Sidewalk ad for a magician in Edinburgh Scotland

The Edinburgh Waverley railway station has 21 tracks for one to choose from. Being we really wanted to get back to the ship before it left, we felt it was important to select the correct train on the right track. After a couple moments reading the schedule board we choose the track  that seemed to be right one for the train that would take us back to the Dalmeny railway station in South Queensferry where our boat was parked. Just to make absolutely sure we waiting on the correct platform, I inquired with the experts at the info counter. I asked if track 19 was the correct one for the 3:20 train to Dalmeny. The gentlemen replied it was. I also informed me it was the 3:21 train to Dalmeny. I politely informed him that where I was from, trains don’t run that on schedule. He was correct, the train left right at 3:21 pm Scottish local time.

Edinburgh Waverley railway station - Edinburgh ScotlandBlue railway car in the Edinburgh train station

Royal Mail box, of course painted Red.

Red Royal mail box - South Queensferry Scotland

To bad we saw this sign on the way back from the Railway station. It’s a long story.

Path leading to the Delmany train station in South Queensferry ScotlandPrincess Caribbean cruise shipView of what appears to be be farm as seen from our ship parked  just close by the Fourth Bridge.

Farm house in the countryside of South Queensferry Scotland


British Isles Cruise – Greenock Ireland – Invergordon Scotland – Dunrobin Castle Golspie

Not every stop on a cruise is going to lead to an adventure that you will never forget. Days seven through 10 on our British Isles tour fall into that category. Day seven and eight were spent in the port side town of Greenock, Ireland which might be considered the gateway to Glasgow Ireland if you arrive on a ship with 5,000 people aboard.  Either our ship was too big to “park” in Glasgow, or the docking fees are much cheaper in Greenock and the Princess cruise line docked there instead.
Many homes line the sea wall of Greenock, Ireland.

Morning arrival at Glasgow Ireland

The world famous Chido Mexican Kitchen of Greenock Ireland. According to it ranks 7th best out of the 53 restaurants in Greenock Ireland. We didn’t have a chance to sample the cuisine, I just thought it was an interesting place in a small Irish seaside town.

Chido Mexican Kitchen in Glasgow Ireland

We didn’t get a chance to see inside the the Hole in the Wa’, but it seems like an interesting place.

The Hole in the Wa

These are two photos are from our day at sea. A stop had been planned at the Orkney Islands, but bad weather prevented the stop and we were forced to sail ahead to our next stop to avoid the weather. This missed stop happened because of the bad weather unlike our missed stop to Dublin Ireland which happened because as the captain said “We have no propulsion, and we don’t know why”.  One day I will make a post about that “adventure”.

The super structure of the Princess ship Caribbean Princess.The top deck of the Caribbean Princess during a day at sea during the British Isles cruise.Morning arrival at Invergordon Scotland aboard the Caribbean PrincessRays of sunlight aboard the Caribbean Princess

While in port at Invergordon Scotland a wonderful rainbow appeared.

While in port at Invergordon Scotland a rainbow appearedChruch in Invergordon Scotland

The Caribbean Princess which is 951 feet bow to stern and is able to hold 3,600 passengers and is shown here docked at Invergordon, Scotland.

Passengers walk back to the Caribbean Princess docked in Invergordon Scotland

The Dunrobin Castle in Golspie Scotland as seen from the “backyard”.

Durnrobin castle viewed from well manicured yard in Golspie ScotlandThe green yards of Dunrobin Castle in Golspie, Ireland


British Isles Cruise – Belfast Ireland – Titanic Museum – Belfast Castle

The ship docks at the pier, the pink buses are waiting to take the tourists into town. And off they go to see the sites of this Irish city. While I was growing up, nobody thought one day Belfast Ireland would become a tourist stop for the thousands that visit each day on the cruise ships. It certainly now is.

Exterior view of Belfast City Hall.

City Hall - Belfast IrelandThe Titanic museum which opened in 2012.

Titanic Museum which opened in 2012 - Belfast Ireland

Looking out from Belfast City Hall.

Courtyard city hall - Belfast Ireland

Marble staircase inside Belfast city hall.

Interior stairs City Hall - Belfast IrelandMy reflection inside Belfast Castle. As the On/Off bus dropped us of at the Castle, the driver said the next bus would be along in an hour. I asked someone who was getting on the bus if the Castle was worth an hour’s visit. He said a half hour would do it. He was right. Turns out the next bus, which was an open air double decker bus came along in a half hour. Just the right amount of time to see the Castle.

Reflection photo Belfast Castle

On the open air double decker bus, the trees are up close and personal.

Open air 2nd deck of bus as trees wiz by - Belfast Castle

The Beacon of Hope statue on the Laganside waterfront.

Beacon of Hope wire statue - Belfast Ireland

The Victoria Square Shopping Centre has an elevated dome which offers views of the city, so of course I took photos of my shoes on the staircase leading down.

Staircase leading to viewing platform of shopping center in Belfast IrelandDowntown Belfast IrelandH&W crane that stands over 300 feet tall. There currently is no work for the crane, but our driver mentioned “they” were going to build a restaurant atop the crane. It certainly would offer amazing views if built.

H&W Gantry crane over 300 feet tall - Belfast IrelandThe Ikea international airport. OK, not really. It’s just a jet taking off past the Ikea store.

Jet taking off from Belfast Ireland airport

The Lanyon Building of Queen’s University. Not too bad of a photo from the 2nd deck of a bus going 30 mph.

The Lanyon Building of Queen

The last pink bus of the day returned passengers back to the ship before we blow out of town.

One of the pink buses that took the Princess Line ship


Jeff Fisher ties record for most losses by head coach in NFL and is fired by Los Angeles Rams

Sunday’s loss by the Los Angeles Rams to the Atlanta Falcons was head coach Jeff Fisher’s 165 career NFL loss. That loss tied him with former NFL coach Dan Reeves. The only bright spot in tying the record for Fisher was that it took Dan Reeves 18 fewer games to set the record.
But that turned out to be the only bright spot as the Rams then fired coach Fisher with three games remaining in the 2016 NFL regular season.
Coach Fisher seen in the white shirt and cool sunglasses from this 2014 regular season game against the 49ers at Levi’s stadium in Santa Clara, CA.

Rams head Jeff Fisher in white shirt and cool sunglasses during the 2014 meeting between the St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers at Levi


British Isles Cruise – Cobh Ireland – Blarney Castle – St Coleman’s Cathedral

The fourth day of this journey brought us ashore in Cobh, Ireland. The featured destination from this stop is the Blarney Castle about a 45 minute drive away. As one would imagine, the marquee item at the castle is the Blarney Stone. Had I waited in the one hour and fifteen minute line I would had the opportunity to have my souvenir photo taken and then laid on my back at the top of the castle to kiss the Blarney Stone. I didn’t.

OK, this is what the Blarney Castle would look like if it had the sky from another photo I took about 4 days after instead of the very white sky that appeared on our visit to the castle.

Blarney Castle - home of the Blarney Stone

Tight roads are large buses filled with tourists make for interesting passing. As you can see from the scratch marks on the mirror, not all the passing go by successfully.

Tight squeeze between tour buses.

I don’t remember what we purchased from this store, but it might have been one of the more than 300 products that are cheaper than Tesco’s like the sign set. I just liked the very red color of the building.

The painted red T.M.C. food market - Cobh, Ireland

The light colored gates offset the dark grey colors of St. Coleman’s cathedral in Cobh, Ireland.

Exterior view St. Coleman

The main entrance to St. Coleman’s cathedral.

Main entrance St. Coleman

Interior photos of St. Coleman’s cathedral.

Interior photo of St. ColemanInterior photo of arches in St. Coleman

The interesting part of this photo are the chimneys. Seen from above, you can tell how many fireplaces each house has by counting the number of flues on the chimney. I must have actually been listening to one of the tour guides instead of taking photos because I am positive I didn’t have that bit of information stored somewhere in my brain before this trip.

Chimneys for multiple fireplaces in Cobh, Ireland homes.