The Italian themed rotunda at Pelican Hill Resort serves as a great backdrop for photos of the bride and groom. The Rotunda offers views of the Pacific Ocean that can be incorporated into the background of the bridal portraits.

Bride and Groom posing in the Rotunda - Pelican Hill Resort - Newport Coast, California

The bride and the maid of honor get ready with the boats of Newport Beach as a backdrop.

Bride in curlers and the wedding dress on display - Newport Beach, CA.

The bridesmaids posing for fun photos while preparing for the wedding.

Bridesmaids enjoying the day with fun poses before the wedding - Newport Beach, California

Bride, the maid of honor, and bridesmaid playing it up for the camera - Newport Beach wedding.

The groom and best man who was his brother have their boutonniere pinned on, and then smile and pose for the camera in their black tuxedos.

Groom with Best Man Getting Ready - Newport Beach Wedding

The guest arrive at the church for the ceremony and are given a program listing the events to take place. You of course need a program, because as they say, you can’t tell the players without one. Though I’m pretty sure the woman in the white dress will be the bride.

These photographs feature theĀ Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic church in Newport Beach, California.

Guests arriving at church for Catholic Mass Wedding - Our Lady Queen of Angels - Newport Beach, CA

The groom’s parents and the mother of the bride are escorted up the aisle before the wedding party and priest will proceed to the church alter.

Processional with parents going up the church aisle - Our Lady Queen of Angels Church - Newport Beach, CA

The father of the bride walks her up the aisle in the Our Lady Queen of Angels catholic church while the other photo shows the Groom waiting at the altar for his wife to be.

Bride and Father Walking up the Catholic Church aisle - Our Lady Queen of Angels - Newport Beach Wedding

The blue sky above the cross outside the Our Lady Queen of Angels church in Newport Beach, CA. The bride and groom kneeling at the altar during their Catholic Mass wedding ceremony.

Our Lady Queen of Angels Wedding Photographer - 2046 Mar Vista Dr Newport Beach, CA 92660.

The bridesmaids wearing a light blue dresses and the groomsmen wearing black tuxedos are standing at the altar with the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony.

The entire wedding party standing at the alter during mass - Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church - Newport Beach, CA

As part of the ceremony the bride and groom light the unity candle, and the later on in the ceremony will be announced as husband and wife to all those in attendance.

Lighting of the Candles during Wedding Ceremony - Newport Beach Wedding Ceremony.

The steps just outside the Our Lady Queen of Angels church make for a great location to photograph large family formal photos after the wedding ceremony has taken place.

Family photos outside Our Lady Queen of Angels church

The bridal party photo features the bridesmaids wearing light blue dress with the groomsmen wearing black tuxedos. The open shade in front of the church provides a nice backdrop for the formal bridal photos.

Bridal Party Wedding Photographer - Our Lady Queen of Angels Catholic Church 2046 Mar Vista Dr Newport Beach, CA 92660

The Italian Rotunda on the event lawn makes for a wonderful backdrop and prop for the bride and groom to use for their photos. Besides the design of the rotunda you can use the Pacific Ocean as part of the backdrop when using a longer telephoto lens.

Resort Wedding Photographer - California

Along with the views of the Pacific Ocean your wedding day guests will be just steps from the Tom Fazio designed North Ocean Golf course. The lush greens and well maintained bunkers add an special element to the venue. Sometimes a good photo is just a simple as having the bride and groom walk along a beautiful site. That was case with this image.

Golf Course Wedding Photographer - The Resort At Pelican Hill 22701 S Pelican Hill Rd Newport Coast, CA 92657

The guests enjoy the comfortable Ocean breeze and panoramic views at the Event Lawn during the cocktail hour at the Pelican Hill Resort. Detail photos of the lemonade and place settings that await the guest in the Mar Vista Ballroom where the wedding reception will take place.

Event Lawn Wedding reception Pelican Hill Resort - Newport Coast, California

The Mar Vista Ballroom is a stunning backdrop for the Bride and Groom’s first dance as members of the their family’s watch and celebrate the moment with tears of both joy and happiness.

Mar Vista Ballroom Wedding Reception - Pelican Hill Resort - Newport Coast, CA

The sun sets into the Pacific Ocean and doing so creates a silhouette on one of the many Palm trees around the resort. The bride and groom choose a white and blue five layer cake with flowers to serve as desert for their guests. In this cake photo, the late afternoon sun light streaming through the windows provides the illumination.

Sunset on the Pelican Hill Resort - Wedding Reception

Because the Mar Vista ballroom has large windows facing West the late afternoon sunlight can stream through making for some dramatic lighting like this image of the bride and groom raising their glasses to each other.

Wedding toast and speeches - Pelican Hill Resort

As part of the celebration during the wedding reception the groom dances with his mother and the bride dances with her father.

First Dance - Mother and Son - Father and Daughter - Wedding Reception

The cutting of the cake can be a more reserved event, or the newlywed couple can have fun with frosting while all their guests watch. This cake cutting turned out to be more on the fun and exuberant side.

Caking cutting fun and hijinks - Tossing the bouquet

The Coliseum pool viewed at night with all the lights on offers a completely different perspective from daytime viewing. The pool is a perfect circle that is 136 feet in diameter and features over 1 million hand laid mosaic tiles.

Nigh lights surround the Coliseum pool - The Resort At Pelican Hill 22701 S Pelican Hill Rd Newport Coast, CA 92657

It is important that your wedding photographer capture all the details of the day. You have planned all the details for many months before the wedding and you want to have photos that capture all the color and splendor that you have created like this photo of the flowers that serve as a table setting.

Flower table decorations - The Resort At Pelican Hill 22701 S Pelican Hill Rd Newport Coast, CA 92657