When it rains, it pours. This hasn’t been the case for most of the last decade as 5 years of drought finally ended in 2017. That was followed by more drought years, but that drought¬† looks to have ended in 2023.
There were varying amounts of rainfall recorded on December, 31st 2022 in Brentwood, CA. The Weather Underground personal weather station 900 yards from our home recorded 10.55 inches of rain in a 15 hour period starting at 3:30AM. Yet another personal weather station almost exactly one mile from our home measured 6.24″ of rainfall during the same period. There were plenty of thunderstorm areas dumping large amounts of rain over localized areas that would explain the rainfall differences.
What is interesting about these rainfall totals that exceeded most all areas in the San Francisco Bay Area during the same time frame, is that the rain normally just misses Brentwood. It’s almost as if there was an invisible dome that covers the city and of course prevents the rain from falling. There is no dome, but quite often, one inch of predicted rain in Brentwood, turns out to be a quarter inch at best. Not this time.

Non stop rainfall in Brentwood, CA is illuminated by the city street lights.

The city street lights of Brentwood illuminate the record breaking rainfall during the 2022 – 2023 Winter storms.

The traffic signals cast a red light across the flooded intersection in Brentwood, CA.

The flooding in this photo started around noon. This image made at 6pm shows the entire intersection closed.

The record breaking rainfall caused the intersection flooding to spill into the Chevron gas station - Brentwood, CA.

Water, electricity, and gasoline. What could possibly go wrong?

A previously flooded intersection is completely dry less than 12 hours after the flooding shut down the road to traffic - Brentwood, CA.

By 8AM the next day, the rainfall had stopped, the sun was out, and the intersection was completely dry.

Brentwood, California flood diversion project fills up from the massive rainfall on December 31st, 2022.

The “overflow catch” was doing it’s job. With as much as 10″ of rain falling in 15 hours, the creeks overflow. These flood diversion projects catch the extra flow till the rains subside. As labeled on the photo, this was December 31st, 2022 at 5:30 PM.

The Brentwood, California flood diversion project drains out just 15 hours after previous day's massive rainfall.

Fifteen hours later the flood diversion had emptied out,  as rainfall pretty much stopped at 6PM the previous day.

Pouring rains slammed the San Francisco Bay area for three weeks.

How the photo showing the rainfall at night against the street lights was suppose to look.

Street lights during a California winter storm look like death rays from space due to camera movement.

In this photo of the rain, it looks like death rays from space. Something like the Earth being attacked in War of the Worlds. What really happened is I pulled the camera from the tripod before the long exposure was done, and the street lights streaking across the photo. While not true, the War of the Worlds explanation sounds better.

Finally a sunny and cloudy sunset after weeks of Winter rain storms hit the San Francisco Bay area in 2023.

The stormy weather finally ended with sunlight shinning through the clouds at sunset.

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