I last visited the Grand Canyon some 46 years ago. Not much has changed, but to be honest I don’t remember everything that happened in my life 46 years ago, so the Grand Canyon was new again. This trip I took many more photos than last time, but this trip I didn’t ride a mule to the canyon floor. The one thing I still remember from the ride was the rather sore rear end I got from a 5-6 hour ride on a mule.

Interesting clouds fill the blue sky while the setting Sun casts a warm light on the South rim of the Grand Canyon - Arizona.

There is a reason it’s called the Grand Canyon, it’s even more amazing at sunset.

The setting sun casts light on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon - Arizona.

The views of the Grand Canyon get more amazing as the late evening light shines across the canyon walls.

The Buckey O'Neill railroad car is one of many that take riders to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon - Arizona.

Thirty miles west of Flagstaff is where you board the Grand Canyon train in Williams, Arizona. Many of the cars were named, this one is named after local sheriff Buckey O’Neill. Our ride out of the Canyon who supposed to be by steam engine, but the lack of rain ( no rain in last 60 days ) prevented its use, so we got the regular diesel engines.

View from Grand Canyon train ride dome car as it passes under high power electrical transmission lines - Arizona

View from the Dome car.

Grand Canyon train ride entertainment

We got musical entertainment on the ride to the Grand Canyon.

The very late sunlight shows the erosion that makes the Grand Canyon so famous.

The late evening sunlight shines right across the amazing erosion of the canyon.

A couple watching the sunset on the South rim of the Grand Canyon from a location that I would think wasn't allowed

“Live fast, die young, and have a good-looking corpse”  by going to places not allowed in the Grand Canyon. 

View of the Colorado river from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

It’s hard to get a view of the Colorado river from the top of the canyon.

It's early morning before most of the tourists are out and about, so the female Elk are looking for food - Grand Canyon - Arizona

Before sunrise with all the tourists out and about, these Elk are getting their morning meal.

A cloudy sky adds drama to the sunrise on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.

I got just one sunrise at the Grand Canyon, luckily I got some great clouds.

The early morning sunlight strike a lone tree on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon - Arizona

The warm light of sunrise shines on this lone tree on the South Canyon wall.

A hiker checks out the "hole in the wall" on the Bright Angel Trail - Grand Canyon - Arizona

It’s actual name isn’t “the hole in the wall”, and there are two of them, but it sounds better than the real name “first tunnel”. This tunnel is on the Bright Angel Trail about two tenths of a mile from the top, and can be seen from the rim of the canyon.

An early start down the Bright Angel Trail is required to hike down the canyon floor and back up in one day - Grand Canyon - Arizona

Hikers heading down the Bright Angel trail just as the Sun rises. If you are going to do a long walk into the Grand Canyon, don’t forget to bring two walking sticks.

To get the full Ultra 8K experience of the Grand Canyon and Arizona, check out the video on your large screen TV.

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