Sometimes on a cruise it is so windy, you can’t dock at the port. Other times the city you are visiting is holding a religious festival that happens just once a year and without knowing about it, you just happen upon it. That is the story of Cadiz, Spain. My wife and I had no ship excursion planned, so the day in Cadiz would just involve us wondering around town. According to Google, the main tourist spot to visit, that being the Cathedral of Cadiz, was closed. Bummer. But we ventured into the city anyway to see the sites. As we got further from the ship and closer to the main part of town, my better half said she heard music, and why didn’t we head that way. We did, and we discovered why Google said that the Catedral de Cadiz was closed. They church was the focal point of the Corpus Christi Festival. Better lucky than good.

Cadiz Spain - Poster for the Baywatch movie.

I’m guessing the Baywatch movie was just as bad in Spanish as it was in English.

Telephoto view of Catedral de Cádiz - Cadiz, Spain.

View of Catedral de Cádiz from our ship the Holland America Westerdam with a 200 mm telephoto lens.

Light pole in Cadiz, Spain.

Monument to the politician Segismundo Moret in the city of Cadiz Spain.

Monument to the politician Segismundo Moret with the clock of Cadiz town hall in the background.

Cadiz Spain - Town hall.

Town hall of Cadiz.

Plaque in the cit of Cadiz Spain.

If my Google searching was correct, this is a Silver custodias which is being carried by 16 men. As it was a quite warm day, I’m sure the gentlemen parading this Silver religious symbol got quite a workout.

Corpus Christi Festival in Cadiz Spain

The main alter of Cadiz Cathedral in Cadiz Spain

The main alter of the Cadiz Cathedral.

Interior photo of Cadiz Cathedral - Cadiz Spain.

The solid silver Custodia del Millon with a million jewels is paraded during the Corpus Christi Festival - Cadiz, Spain.

During the Corpus Christi Festival the solid Silver Custodia del Millon is taken outside from the church and paraded around the nearby streets.

Yellow and white walls in the city of Cadiz Spain.

I just like the striking colors in this photo.

Small store in Cadiz Spain.

Not exactly a 7-11, but if you are looking for a cold drink on a warm and humid day, then this story will do the trick.

The drum core marches during the Corpus Christi Festival in Cadiz Spain.

The drum core is part of the Corpus Christi Festival that was celebrated the day we visited.

Corpus Christi Festival in which this gentlemen is wearing his white uniform and medals - Cadiz, Spain.

Large double doors in Cadiz, Spain.

I guess people were bigger when they built these quite large double doors.

Palm tree and tower of Catedral Nueva in Cadiz, Spain.

The setting sun casts a shadow on this palm tree and the bell tower of the Cadiz Cathedral.

The night lights of Cadiz Spain are glowing as the sun as set on our day here.

The sun has set on Cadiz, and it’s time for us to head off to another port.

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