It’s been several years since I’ve last the ridden the train. The last time was through Alaska while “land cruising”.¬† This train adventure would be from Martinez, California to Reno, Nevada and back. While the train certainly isn’t as quick as driving to Reno, it is more relaxing, and a fresh snow fall make it quite scenic. While Amtrak has a Reno fun train that’s more for partying than transportation, this trip was aboard the California Zephyr which starts in Emeryville, CA and arrives in Chicago,¬†Illinois 51 hours and 20 minutes later according to the Amtrak website. Seems like a long trip, but having flown into Chicago/O’hare airport a couple of times, it’s not too much longer than the time required to taxi to the terminal once you land.

Bald Eagle flying over Donner Lake seen from Amtrak train.

Just a stroke of luck, as a Bald Eagle flies over Donner lake as our train passes by. You can view a larger version of this photo at this link – Bald Eagle Soars over Donner Lake.

Cars waiting at train stop as Amtrak goes by.

The cars wait as our Amtrak train passes through Truckee, California. Yes, that is the famous River Street Inn on the left in the background.

Snow covered mountains seen from Amtrak train.

Highway 80 and the Truckee river seen from the train.

Snowfall in Reno Nevada with local wearing shorts and jacket.

Brave visitor to Reno makes his way through the snow.

Tennis shoe foot prints in fresh snow - Reno Nevada.
Who wears tennis shoes in the snow?

Water fountain between Eldorado and Silver Legacy hotels in Reno Nevada

Thought I would try a different angle of the fountain that is between the Eldorado and the Silver Legacy.

Hotel guests braving the snow to reach their cars in Reno, Nevada.

Blowing snow can make getting to your car an adventure that one hopes doesn’t end with you taking a hard fall on your bottom side.

Train track bridge on Amtrak route over the Sierra Nevada mountains.

A rail bridge crossing the Truckee river.

A bend in the Truckee river seen from Amtrak train on it's way to the San Francisco Bay Area from Reno.

The fresh snow adds to the feel of the Black and White image made of the winding Truckee river.

A bend in the tracks gives a view of the lead Amtrak cars passing through the snow.

The lead cars of our Amtrak train passing through the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Snow cover hills and the Truckee river seen from Amtrak car.

Passing over the Truckee river about Amtrak.

Fresh snow on the trees and clouds in the sky seen from Amtrak train passing through the Sierra Nevada mountains.