The worst California wildfire in history left the San Francisco Bay Area with the worst air quality in the entire world for several days. The Camp fire that devastated the city of Paradise, California on November 8th left the Bay Area with hazardous air quality a week after the fire started. The massive fire and lack of winter winds left the smoke sitting over the San Francisco Bay Area for days. Sporting events were cancelled, and schools closed because it was just safer for everybody to remain inside and not breath the bad air.

The haze in the morning air at 8:30 AM gives the sky a hazy red coloring around the sun.

The smoke from the Camp fire in Paradise, California gives the morning sky a hazy red color.
The polluted air in the Bay Area had Air Quality Index readings above 200 for almost a week. Some areas in the Bay Area had readings from 250 to 300 during the worst of the smoke. The low readings on this map provided by are from inside monitoring stations, while all the purple readings are from outside monitoring stations.

Air quality readings from show just how bad the air quality was.

After more than 5 days of hazardous readings, the rain on Wednesday November 21st, 2018 cleared out the bad air, and the Thursday morning sky was quite clear providing an early morning view of the full moon and leaves turning red.

The clear sky provided a winter photographer of the tree leaves turning red and a the full moon

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