The is part two of our adventures around Vancouver British Columbia.

Holland America cruise ship MS Zaandam leaves Vancouver on it's way to Alaska.

It’s quite strange to watch the ship you just spent the last 11 days on sail away without you. Usually when we reach the end of our cruise, it’s catch a bus to the airport and fly home never having seen the ship leave port. As we were staying right by the cruise port at the Pan Pacific Vancouver hotel, we could watch our ship sail away without us.

The lights of the Vancouver Convention center cast a reflection on the water below.

Twilight photo of the Vancouver Convention Center just across the water from our hotel, the Pan Pacific Vancouver.

The steam clock in Gastown Vancouver whistles on the hour.

The famous Gastown Steam Clock in Vancouver whistles on the hour, or in this case about three minutes after the hour.

Welcome Aboard Canada Place - Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

The walk where visitors can watch the cruise ships come and go.

Canada Place at the Port of Vancouver with lights turned on in the early evening.

I took several photos of the Canada Place port building at several times of the day. I was out once in the morning when the display that shows the time in the photo, had the temperature on it. That early morning the temp was 8 Celsius ( 46 degrees Fahrenheit ) Of course every time a took a photo that morning, the display showed the time, not the temperature.

Harbour Air seaplane warming up it's engine - Vancouver Harbour - Vancouver British Columbia - Canada.

I am not sure if the engine has to be warmed up before flight, but someone was in the rear seaplane running the engine and not going anywhere.

High-rise buildings reflected in other high-rise buildings Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

The early morning light showed off the reflections of Vancouver’s high-rise buildings in other high-rise buildings.

Lobby of Pan Pacific Vancouver 4 star hotel in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

The escalator takes you up to the lobby of the Pan Pacific Vancouver hotel.

FlyOver Canada sign pointing customers down towards the end of the Canada Place pier.

FlyOver Canada is a ride quite like Soarin’ Over California in Disneyland without the wait, and of course you are flying over Canada.

A Chevron gas station in the middle of Vancouver Harbour.

Looking to fill up your gas tank in the middle of Vancouver Harbour? Good news, there is a gas station right there. That’s the Lions Gate bridge lighted up in the background.

Pedestrians cross the street in downtown Vancouver.

I was told downtown was more alive this evening because the Vancouver Canucks were playing a Stanley Cup playoff game. The Canucks did win the game against the Nashville Predators 1-0 to advance to the second round of the playoffs for the first time in 9 years.

Waterfront SeaBus terminal - Vancouver British Columbia, Canada

While not a award winning photo, it has a special memory for me as someone who was lost in Vancouver British Columbia asked me if I was from Vancouver and if I knew where the Waterfront station was while I was out taking photos in the evening. Having researched the ferry that crosses back and forth across the harbour, I knew where the station was, and was able to point him in the correct direction.

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