The fourth day of this journey brought us ashore in Cobh, Ireland. The featured destination from this stop is the Blarney Castle about a 45 minute drive away. As one would imagine, the marquee item at the castle is the Blarney Stone. Had I waited in the one hour and fifteen minute line I would had the opportunity to have my souvenir photo taken and then laid on my back at the top of the castle to kiss the Blarney Stone. I didn’t.

OK, this is what the Blarney Castle would look like if it had the sky from another photo I took about 4 days after instead of the very white sky that appeared on our visit to the castle.

Blarney Castle - home of the Blarney Stone

Tight roads are large buses filled with tourists make for interesting passing. As you can see from the scratch marks on the mirror, not all the passing go by successfully.

Tight squeeze between tour buses.

I don’t remember what we purchased from this store, but it might have been one of the more than 300 products that are cheaper than Tesco’s like the sign said. I just liked the very red color of the building.

The painted red T.M.C. food market - Cobh, Ireland

The light colored gates offset the dark grey colors of St. Coleman’s cathedral in Cobh, Ireland.

Exterior view St. Coleman's church - Cobh, Ireland

The main entrance to St. Coleman’s cathedral.

Main entrance St. Coleman's church - Cobh, Ireland

Interior photos of St. Coleman’s cathedral.

Interior photo of St. Coleman's church - Cobh, IrelandInterior photo of arches in St. Coleman's church - Cobh, Ireland

The interesting part of this photo are the chimneys. Seen from above, you can tell how many fireplaces each house has by counting the number of flues on the chimney. I must have actually been listening to one of the tour guides instead of taking photos because I am positive I didn’t have that bit of information stored somewhere in my brain before this trip.

Chimneys for multiple fireplaces in Cobh, Ireland homes.

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