The ship docks at the pier, the pink buses are waiting to take the tourists into town. And off they go to see the sites of this Irish city. While I was growing up, nobody thought one day Belfast Ireland would become a tourist stop for the thousands that visit each day on the cruise ships. It certainly now is.

Exterior view of Belfast City Hall.

City Hall - Belfast IrelandThe Titanic museum which opened in 2012.

Titanic Museum which opened in 2012 - Belfast Ireland

Looking out from Belfast City Hall.

Courtyard city hall - Belfast Ireland

Marble staircase inside Belfast city hall.

Interior stairs City Hall - Belfast IrelandMy reflection inside Belfast Castle. As the On/Off bus dropped us of at the Castle, the driver said the next bus would be along in an hour. I asked someone who was getting on the bus if the Castle was worth an hour’s visit. He said a half hour would do it. He was right. Turns out the next bus, which was an open air double decker bus came along in a half hour. Just the right amount of time to see the Castle.

Reflection photo Belfast Castle

On the open air double decker bus, the trees are up close and personal.

Open air 2nd deck of bus as trees wiz by - Belfast Castle

The Beacon of Hope statue on the Laganside waterfront.

Beacon of Hope wire statue - Belfast Ireland

The Victoria Square Shopping Centre has an elevated dome which offers views of the city, so of course I took photos of my shoes on the staircase leading down.

Staircase leading to viewing platform of shopping center in Belfast IrelandDowntown Belfast IrelandH&W crane that stands over 300 feet tall. There currently is no work for the crane, but our driver mentioned “they” were going to build a restaurant atop the crane. It certainly would offer amazing views if built.

H&W Gantry crane over 300 feet tall - Belfast IrelandThe Ikea international airport. OK, not really. It’s just a jet taking off past the Ikea store.

Jet taking off from Belfast Ireland airport

The Lanyon Building of Queen’s University. Not too bad of a photo from the 2nd deck of a bus going 30 mph.

The Lanyon Building of Queen's University - Belfast Ireland

The last pink bus of the day returned passengers back to the ship before we blow out of town.

One of the pink buses that took the Princess Line ship's passengers into The Lanyon Building of Queen's University

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    Hi Keith,
    I’m a Sound Enginner from Barcelona, Spain and because the advice of a friend of mine whom is a gaffer I’ve been doing your blur test… and also(sorry)I have been nosing about your web site.

    WOW !
    What a superb pictures !
    I’ve been absolutely delighted by the Irish photos.
    Thanks for your talent.
    Keep going on!
    Best Regards

    P.S. By the way, the blur test shows me that I must renew my computer …..too bad.

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