As I mentioned in Venice Part One, it was a long day in Venice with 90 degree heat and a lot of walking. Because of our late start in Venice, we happened to visit Doge’s place latter in the day when very few people were there. We went in at 5:20 PM and where out by 6:40 PM.  ( the Palace closes at 7 pm for visitors ) We saw it all in just that hour and 20 minutes. I’m pretty sure you can’t do that during the day with what I would imagine are thousands of visitors there.

I don’t imagine the courtyard is normally this empty during the day.

The sun peaks through an Arch in Doge's Palace - Venice Italy

Painting of gentlemen who thought they were VERY important - Doge's Palace, Venice Italy
Ten guys in Red Robes

Statues in the Courtyard.

Statues in courtyard of Doge's Palace - Venice Italy

I don’t know if the canon in the war room was ever fired as it was extensively decorated.

Decorated canon on display in the war room of Doge's palace - Venice Italy

Big paintings depicting historical scenes. They have those here.

Large painting on the wall in Doge's palace - Venice Italy

Partial view of the Big room with Gold and paintings on the ceiling. It is actually the Chamber of the great Council room which measures 174 feet x 82 feet and could hold up to 2000 people for a council meeting.

View of gold and paintings on the ceiling of the council chamber in Doge's palace - Venice Italy

Everybody takes a picture of the Bride of Sighs. The photo was made from inside the Bridge of Sighs which can only be accessed from Doge’s Palace.

View of Venice Italy from the Bridge of Sighs - Doge's Palace

Yes, it was big and pretty darn amazing.

Wide angle view of the Council chambers in Doge's Palace - Venice ItalyGold and paintings on the walls and ceilings of Doge's Palace - Venice ItalyAn arch frames the photo of other arches in the courtyard of Doge's Palace - Venice Italy

The entire courtyard was ours. It was like we were Italian royalty. Well, except for the part where we are all wearing shorts and baseball hats.

The very empty courtyard of Doge's Palace if you choose to visit latter in the day - Venice Italy

Our Gondola ride passes under one of the many bridges in Venice. Despite many stories to the contrary, not all the gondoliers sing while they guide you through Venice.

Gondola passes under one of the many bridges in Venice, Italy

This was our “bus” driver who is driving along the Grand Canal. In Venice you take the bus, those small boat water taxis cost a fortune.

Water bus driver in Venice Italy

This colorful red building was located on the Grand Canal in Venice.

Red house along the main canal - Venice Italy

The cruise ships come in and out of port all day long. In this photo the Costa Deliziosa is backing out of port.

Cruise ship port - Venice Italy

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