Pulling into port in Venice, Italy is different than every other port as there are boats buzzing around in every direction. That of course seems logical as the roads in Venice are water. As there was so much to see in Venice, the two days we spent there will be split into three posts.

Our first day in Venice was the longest and most adventurous of the 22 day cruise as we mostly walked and did a little boating for 8 hours in the 90 degree heat. Instead of taking the bus ( which is a boat ) to a our final destination of the day, that being Piazza San Marco ( St. Mark’s Square ) we walked through Venice and saw the sights and crossed many bridges. As Venice is actually 118 small islands separated by canals and linked by bridges, there are many bridges to cross. 

Boats buzzing around all the waterways in Venice, Italy

It looked like a parade of ships had come out to greet us, but most likely is was something else as our ship was the 4th or 5th one in port that day.

It looks like a parade of boats came out to greet our ship before we docked in Venice, Italy.There was this Australian gentleman walking around holding up a map as though he was leading a tour group through Venice. ( Only three other people in the entire world will get this joke, but that’s OK )

Tour guide leading our group through Venice, Italy.

Even the doorbells in Venice are cool.

Even the door bells are cool in Venice, Italy.Amazing buildings with columns through out the city of Venice, Italy.

Two ways to travel in Venice, either by foot or by boat.

A boat passes under one of the many bridges that connect the islands of Venice, Italy.

The dramatic lighting from below makes this statue look even more impressive.

Statue in one of many churches that exist in Venice, Italy.The yellow light shinning on the painting creates a dramatic canvas for the viewer in this Venice, Italy church.

An either gold or brass decoration showing angels holding up the crown. And by decoration, I mean it was three feet tall and looked quite ornate.

Gold statue of crown held by angels - Venice Italy

If you are going to paint, then do it big as in this Venice, Italy church.I think that statue is a bust of  Pope Pius X.

The light stream through the window onto a bust of a former Pope, Venice, Italy.

Thinking of redoing my ceiling to look like this.

No space goes un-painted as the ceiling in this church is decorated - Venice, Italy.Marble statues in a Venice, Italy church.

You don’t really notice this amazing view inside the Chiesa di San Rocco until you are about to walk outside.

Amazing interior of Chiesa di San Rocco - Venice Italy

Yes, you are in Venice, so you are going to shop in Venice.

When in Venice, Italy of course you must go shopping.

Venice, the city of Romance.

Romantic location on one of the bridges that connect each island of Venice, Italy.

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