I was all set to call Venice the city of Bridges in the title, but after googling the term “City of Bridges” I found out that Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania holds that distinction at 446 bridges, with 3 more bridges than Venice. As I’ve never been to Pittsburgh, or crossed any of their bridges, I still consider Venice to be the city with the best bridges.

Day fifteen was a partial day in Venice with the ship leaving port at 4:30 pm. As now Venice veterans we were able to catch the water bus to the Piazza San Marcos with no problems and visit Saint Mark’s Basilica and do some shopping. Visiting Saint Mark’s Basilica is free, you just have to spend about 15 minutes in line waiting to get in. Once inside you have the option of either walking through the church in about 5 minutes or less, or you can visit the museum and gift shop by walking up some cool and narrow steps off to your right. I think the charge was 5 Euros to get in. It was worth it as you could spend all the time you wanted there, and you were able to see the four Horses of Saint Mark.

Sunrise over Venice as seen from our ship.

Sun rising over Venice seen through the ships flag

The cruise ships come and go all day at the port.

Another cruise ship arrives in port - Venice italy

A beautiful bridge in Venice, so of course I use it for a background in selfie photo.

The selfie bridge in Venice Italy

Outside Saint Mark’s Basilica.

Arches on the exterior of Saint Mark's Basilica

Yes, even the Garbage trucks are boats.

Green garbage boat in Venice Italy

Piazza San Marco - Saint Mark's square - Venice Italy

Ferrari racing cologne for the woman who is attracted to smell of F1 racing I guess.

Ferrari cologne for those who love the smell of motor racing

Stacks of pizza ready to go at the Ramo del Fontego Dei Tedeschi. I think they would do more business if the had a website. They don’t.

Stacks of piazza ready to go - Venice Italy

The price is higher in the afternoon as more tourists arrive.

Glass art for sale in Venice Italy

The tight and narrow walkways and streets of Venice make for interesting delivery methods.

The tight space in Venice make for interesting delivery methods

It’s Italy, they drive the boats like they drive the cars.

Boat jumping over the waves in the Venice Italy waterways.St Mark's Campanile towers over the Venice Italy skyline

It’s just you and boatloads of people in the Piazza San Marco.

Lots and lots of people in the Piazza San Marco Very long and skinny tour boat - Venice Italy

Turns out Venice is the city with the second most bridges in the world.

Plenty of bridges and canals in Venice italy

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