Back in October of 2010 while I was working in Monterey, I took a two hour break to visit and take photos at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Then in December I posted some of the photos from the two hours I was at the Aquarium. Two days later I got an email from the Vice President of Communications at the aquarium wondering if they could purchase some of the photos. A deal was struck, and I got paid for my work.

A couple weeks ago, the VP notified me that one of my photos was now featured on the home page of the Aquarium’s website. As the home page image rotates, here is a screen shoot showing my photo that was used.

You can view all the photos from the post, including the jelly photo HERE. Note: I did flip the jellyfish photo upside down as I thought it made a better photo that way.

Jellyfish exhibit at the Monterey Bay Aqaurium

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  1. David

    Keith, a beautiful shot!

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