During a small break in my shooting schedule in Monterey, I decided to head over to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and snap a few pictures. Enjoy the photos from the day.

The plaque says

Yellow pacific seahorse

Spotted Jellyfish – also known as a Lagoon Jelly.

Jellyfish close up photo

Orange and pink fish swims about the tank

Jelly fish tank

Aqaurium vistor viewing the jellyfish

Shark photo

Leopard Shark cruising the tank.

Reef tank that would make any hobbyist jealous

SPS corals in reef tank display.

Visitor to the Monterey Bay Aquarium takes a photo of the jellyfish

One of the larger tanks at the Monterey Bay Aquarium featuring large fish and stingrays

Visitors view the flood of water that comes crashing down this exhibit every minute or so. The people inside don’t get wet, while the people outside can get wet if the venture to close.

A waterfall comes crashing over patrons every minute or so

Soft corals and multi colored fish are part of this exhibit

A Weedy Sea Dragon seahorse is one of the many amazing seahorses on exhibit at the aquarium.

Weedy Sea Dragon seahorse photo - Phyllopteryx taeniolatus

Just a mile or so down down the coast in Pacific Grove by Lovers Point the waves were crashing against the rocks.

Huge waves crash against the shoreline of Pacific Grove, California

Some of the “wild life” on the rocks.

A pair of seagulls take a break from what ever it is they do.

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    Congrats!! Great photos and I really like the colors accuracy.

  2. webdone - web creation

    I like the picture “The guys waiting for things to begin”. Great red color effect. …My favorite

  3. Eric Lagstein

    These are all great! I especially love the shots of the jellyfish.

  4. Ulrich Roth

    Gut gemacht. Ich weiß wie schwer es ist Unterwasseraufnahmen zu machen. Klasse gelöst…


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