Priya and Santosh selected San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge as the back drop for their engagement photos. From Lands End you not only get a wonderful sunset view of the Golden Gate Bridge, but you can look out into the vastness of the Pacific ocean. Right near by is Sutro Heights Park which offers many interesting and varied back grounds for photos.

Holding hands

Bride in foreground with groom and Golden Gate Bridge in the background

Groom doing his "superman" impression

Bride sitting groom's lap in park

Couple on park bench in San Francisco photo

Couple pose in park structure during engagement photos

Smiling for the camera

Engagement ring sits on the moss of a tree in Sutro Heights park in San Francisco

Groom carrying bride to be in Sutro Heights Park San Francisco photo

Leaning against the rock wall holding hands

San Francisco engagement photo

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  1. Ryan Sands

    This is just such a great engagement series. I love how you showed the couples fun and care free love for each other. The images are razor sharp, have perfect color, and are a joy to look through.

  2. Boundless Photos

    Great set of images, really like the fun of number 6 and the way you have used the building and the awesome looking tree in the last photo.

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