The results from the ISPWP ( International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers ) Winter 2009 contest were recently released, and I’m pleased to say that 3 of my photos placed in the competition.

This 2nd place photo was taken at the end of a small and charming island themed backyard wedding ceremony and reception that ended up a little wet and wild.

2nd place ISPWP winter 2009 contest - the decisive moment category

Cassie and Ben’s platinum reception at the Pelican Hill Resort in Newport Coast started in the late afternoon. After the sun had long set, the Italian style rotunda and the event lawn provide and elegant background for a late evening stroll.

6th place ISPWP winter 2009 contest - the venue category

Last year I had the pleasure of 2nd shooting for Sam Hassas. This photo was taken while we split duties covering the garter toss. The young lad leaped across the way just in time to grab the garter from the less fleet footing single men.

6th place ISPWP winter 2009 contest - the decisive moment category

n style rotunda Italian s

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  1. Jennifer Marie

    Oh my goodness. I love the garter catch. Hilarious.

  2. Bailie Photography

    Congratulations on the awards. The first two are simply awesome. LOVE them!!!!

  3. Congratulations they are all absolutely super images. First one is an awesome capture, great timing and the second one is absolutely beautiful.

  4. Congratulations and well done. I just love the first images of the girls “dancing” on the water.

  5. Bjorn | Fotografie Luna

    Congratulations Keith! Well deserved I must say, as this is some great work.

  6. Melwin Silva

    Great work Keith, keep taking all those awards home!

  7. Philip Hawkins

    Congratulations! Great timing with all three images! I love how you’ve got the evening photograph just before the sky turns black. Very dramatic!

  8. Joe Milton

    I would love to see the picture AFTER they jumped in the pool. 🙂 Good catch Keith!

  9. Becki Dickinson

    Congrats Keith. Awesome work. I can really get a sense of your passion via the photos you’ve posted on your blog. Best of luck to you!

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