It takes two separate elevator rides to reach the very top ( the third floor ) of the Eiffel Tower.

This photo was taken during the 2nd elevator ride which goes from the 2nd floor to the third floor. Yes, you can also walk to the top if you like really long climbs up stairs when there is a much quicker way to reach your goal. If you are in Paris, and you really want to climb some stairs to reach the top of a famous monument, I would suggest the Arc de Triomphe. It’s only 284 stairs to the top, and it’s also the only way to reach the top as the one elevator is reserved for those unable to climb stairs.

Just a suggestion when visiting touristy spots such as the Eiffel tower. Many of these sites I’ve visited were done using skip the line tours. They certainly cost more than buying a regular ticket and visiting the site on your own, but they do save time and it gets you a guide that knows and can explain the interesting details of the spot. Believe me, the first time you pass by a line that looks a hundred yards long to visit the same site you just spent less than five minutes to enter, you will think it was money well spent.

To make this image, I moved quickly to get a spot next to a window when we entered the elevator. I think there were about 20 people in the elevator, and not many of the spots offer a good window location. This view during the ride up includes the Big Wheel at the Place de la Concorde which stands 200 feet tall. Off to the right, though not visible is the Louvre Museum and the hotel we stayed out during our three day visit.

View from the Top of the Eiffel Tower

This photo taken from the third floor lookout of the tower shows many of the places we visited during our three days in Paris.

Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue
Anatole France, 75007
Paris, France