Calvi France is known for its beaches, crescent-shaped bay and the medieval citadel overlooks it all. As our ship was just a little too big to fit into the marina, we dropped anchor and were tendered into town. This would be the 22nd day of our 24 day Holland America Mediterranean cruise.

Medieval citadel - Calvi France - Corsica

The early morning sunlight highlights the medieval citadel which is the town’s most prominent feature.

Lighthouse - northwest coast of Corsica.

Lighthouse on the Northwest coast of Corsica to prevent us from crashing into the rocks. It worked.

Calvi France Corsica pilot boat

It was just supposed to be a three hour tour, a three hour tour.  But then the weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed…..

This small boat actually isn’t from Gilligan’s Island, it was our pilot boat from Calvi which was fighting the waves to bring us our local pilot.

Ships docked in crescent shaped bay.

Cobbled Streets of Calvi France - Corsica.

The Cobblestone streets of Calvi France with my shoes to add perspective.

Crescent shaped bay of Calvi France in Corsica

The crescent shaped bay viewed from the Citadel. The orange tender at the bottom of the photo was our transportation into town. The tender/lifeboat doesn’t look quite as fancy as those larger yachts docked in port, but according to the signs in the boat, it will hold more than a 100 people.

The sign says restaurant, but I am not so sure - Calvi France Corsica

Maybe this “restaurant” closes down for the highly profitable tourist season.

Home with a an ocean view.

Ô Fao restaurant - Calvi France - Corsica -37 Haute Ville Citadelle 20260 Calvi

The Ô Fao restaurant puts the menu right on the wall for patrons to view.

Fresh fruits and vegetables for sale in Calvi France Corsica.

Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables for sale in the local market.

Local crafts on display for us tourists to purchase during out few hours visiting.

Sainte Marie Majeure Church - Calvi France - Corsica

Interior photograph of Sainte Marie Majeure Church which isn’t the one at the top of the Citadel.

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