This is sunset view from our hotel room in Maui Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa which we called home for our week long stay there. During the entire trip I wondered what island this was. Google to the rescue, it’s the Hawaiian island of Lanai. Which looking at the Google map seems to be famous for the Lanai Cat Sanctuary. The cat sanctuary is on the other side of the island, our view is of the not very famous and hard to reach town of Lopa and the Lopa beach.

Sunset view from Maui Hyatt Regency of Lanai Island

View of San Francisco just after take off from San Francisco International Airport. From the air you can see how much of the city is laid out with North – South and East -West streets.

Your jet takes off from San Francisco International airport and you pass over the city on your way to Maui Hawaii

View from our hotel room and the island of Lanai. The hotel calls the top floor we were on the 21st, but I think we were at most nine stories up.

The island of Lanai is the backdrop for the beach in Maui Hawaii

Just shocking, a rainbow in Hawaii. This one is over the golf course surrounding the Maui Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa.

Clouds and a full rainbow just above the golf course at the Maui Hyatt Regency

This HDR photo shows the clouds and palm trees reflecting in the hotel pool.

The clouds and palm trees reflect in the swimming pool of the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa in Maui Hawaii

Just more Maui sunrise eye candy from the beach by our hotel.

Eye candy - Just another beautiful sunrise on the island of Maui Hawaii

A Barracuda swims by in a display at the Maui Ocean Center (Aquarium ).

A Barracuda swims by in a large fish tank display at the Maui Aquarium in Hawaii

Sunlight streams into the 750,000 gallon Open Ocean exhibit which features Stingrays, Tuna, and Black Tipped Reef  sharks. The exhibit also has a 240 degree view acrylic tunnel which visitor can walk through to get the under sea experience.

Maui Ocean Center Open Ocean Exhibit

A wonderful sunset viewed from our dinner at sea on the Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise.

A sunset cruise with wonderful clouds that frame the island of Lanai Hawaii

I was able to get the clouds in motion by using a 30 second exposure for this photo. I was able to steady the camera for 30 seconds by using a Bogen 209 tabletop tripod and 482 head which has now been replaced by the model 492 head. With it’s legs fully extended, the tripod stands all of 3 inches high, but the 492 head allows you to point the camera in all directions.

A perfectly time cloud covers the moon during a long exposure photo of the Maui Resort Hotel - Maui Hawaii

The high shutter speed stops the waves crashing over the rock along the beach for this photo. But in real life, I had to run immediately after taking the photo so the wave wouldn’t crash upon me.

The water pulls back from the beach then comes crashing back on the rocks with all the power of nature.

Out for a morning jog along the beach.

Sunrise along the Maui beach with a jogger running along the water line.

Pretty sure that’s all that is left from the atoll used in the 1995 movie Waterworld which was filmed in Hawaii.

Sailboat and very blue Pacific Ocean water

Tourist taking a photo of his and his wife’s shadow while walking along the beach.

Walking along the Maui beach with the sun casting our shadows into the photo

Early morning view of the hotel pool and the island of Lanai from our room.

Swimming pool of the Hyatt Regency Maui resort hotel

Even the birds were enjoying the view from our room.

Birds on the ledge of the 21st floor of the Hyatt Regency Maui resort

Rays of sunlight streaming through the late afternoon clouds.

Sunlight passing through the storm clouds - Maui Hawaii

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