Day Three of our London adventure would be our last full day there, as the next day was a pickup at 4am for our flight from Heathrow to Paris. The day’s adventure would include visiting the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and Kensington Palace.

This is how you imagine Buckingham Palace. Guards watching over the immaculately groomed grounds.

The perfectly maintained ground of Buckingham Palace in London England

This is how Buckingham Palace really looks. It’s you and thousands of other tourists taking photos of themselves.

The many,many tourists taking photos outside Buckingham Palace in London England.

The building that houses the Crown Jewels. No pictures allowed once inside.

The building in the tower of London that holds the Crown Jewels

A suit of armor which could possible be made with gold. I didn’t read the signs, I just took photos as quickly as possible.

Suit of Armor at the Tower of London in England

The sign on the London bridge says it’s the World’s most famous. Sorry, maybe the 2nd most famous behind the Golden Gate Bridge.

London Bride - London EnglandWhile working our way back to the hotel after visiting the Tower of London we stumbled upon Ten Trinity Square.  While researching what build it was, I found out that it had been used in the 2012 James Bond movie Skyfall playing the part of a government building.

Kensington Palace.

It looks like a painting, which it is. It’s just that it was painted on the ceiling.

Ceiling painting in Kensington Palace - London England

The official name for this room is the King’s Gallery, but if you Google the Red Room in Kensington Palace you will end up at the King’s gallery.

The red room in Kensington Palace - London England

Many of great photographers capture their shoes in photos. At least, that’s what I’ve heard. This checker board floor was in Kensington Palace.

Black and white checkered floor in Kensington Palace - London, EnglandI walked through Kensington Palace making photos of things that look interesting or were photo worthy never wondering what I had just taken a photo of. Later on if the photo was to be used on my blog, I would research who or what the photo included. A little research ( ok, googling ) told me that this painting in the Queen’s gallery is of Peter the Great the Tsar of Russia from 1672 – 1725. The painting was done by Sir Godfrey Kneller in 1698 when Peter the Great was visiting William III in London. So now both I and Peter the Great have visited London,  but only one of us had his portrait made in a suit of armour with an embroidered gold,  while wearing our ermine-lined cloak with our crown sitting on a cushion and sailing ships passing in the background. Maybe some day.

Large painting in Kensington Palace - London England

The rear of the marble statue of Queen Victoria just outside the palace.

The 2,300 ton marble Queen Victoria Memorial Statue located just outside of the front gates of Buckingham Palace.

Victoria Memorial by Buckingham Palace - London EnglandNo photos were allowed inside Buckingham palace, but once outside on the Palace grounds I was able to make this image.

The backyard of Buckingham Palace

You must either go left, or go right, but no walking into the fence was allowed.

Pedestrians signs in London England tell you to go left or right, but not straight.

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