Saturday night June 22nd, 2013 provided some nice views of the “supermoon” for 2013. The actual term for what is now called a super moon is a perigee full moon. The term Supermoon means the year’s largest full moon, which of course happens when the full moon is closest to earth. Last night’s moon was 221,824 miles away from Earth vs the typical distance of 238,000 miles. According to NASA scientists, the weekend’s supermoon does appear 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than a normal full moon. The good news is that you can also view the 2013 supermoon tonight.

The 2013 supermoon is framed against a street light with a jet passing in front

The Supermoon is framed by the city light and a new home construction in  Brentwood . Just by chance there is a jet silhouetted in the bottom right of the Perigee full moon.

The 2013 supermoon rises in the early evening sky behind a John Deere 270lc crawler excavator

As the 2013 supermoon rises in the Saturday June 22 early evening sky it is framed by a John Deere 270LC crawler excavator tractor.

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