For my 200th blog post I thought I would share some of the amazing morning skies that I have viewed and photographed since moving to Brentwood several months ago. I don’t the skies are more colorful in Brentwood, I just think it’s the lack of homes on my Eastern view that allows me to see the early clouds and sunrise. Enjoy the photos.

Blue and pink skies during Brentwood, CA sunriseThe use of a long lens gives the impression Mt Diablo is right behind this home instead of the 10 miles away it actually is

Mt Diablo view from your backyard.

This early morning flight of a commercial jet with 4 engines leaves contrails over the Brentwood skyThe sky with it's natural light and the porch light with it's tungsten light make for an interesting color contrastThe sun rises over the roof frames of the newly constructed home in Brentwood

Sunrise over new home construction in Brentwood.

A wide angle vertical view of the clouds during a Brentwood sunriseThe wonderful red colors of the sunrise are reflected in the window

Red glow of the morning sun reflects in the window.

The use of a silhouette and wonderful colors make this a special Brentwood sunrise photoThese rain clouds over Brentwood, CA had the look of a twister

Storm clouds that look like a mini twister over Brentwood.

The rays of sunlight are silhouetted against this home's rooftop during sunsetThis sunny day with clouds is captured with a fisheye lens that gives the world a curved view

Fisheye lens view of blue sky and puffy white clouds.

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