I had the pleasure of capturing the wedding day celebration of Kavitha and Levi which began at the Palmdale Estates in Fremont for their South Asian wedding ceremony which was followed later that day by their wedding reception for friends and family at the Crowne Plaza Cabana Club hotel in Palo Alto. Assisting me capture all the day’s action and joy was Scott Mosher.

bride and groom with family during ceremony

Rice is thrown by guest during the wedding ceremony at Palmdale Estates.

Pre wedding ceremony communication between bride and groom

Bride speaks with groom before wedding ceremony with wireless communication.

Guests talking to each other before wedding

Colorfully dressed guests arrive at the Indian wedding ceremony at Palmdale Estates in Fremont.

groom communicates with bride before weddingSouth Asian wedding ceremony at Palmdale EstatesThe helicopter floats above the groom's hand

Groom playing with remote control toy helicopter before the wedding ceremony.

Colorful decorations at the south Asian wedding ceremonySouth Asian wedding ceremony in FremontColorful dress worn by the bride as see waves to familyCultural items from South Asian wedding ceremony in Fremont CaliforniaGroom arrives at South Asian Wedding ceremony in Fremont

Groom arrives during the wedding ceremony at the Palmdale Estates in Fremont.

Groom arrives at wedding ceremony in Palmdale Estates in FremontBride and Groom walk hand in hand to South Asian wedding ceremony in Fremont

Bride and groom walk hand in hand to the wedding ceremony.

young child is held by mother during wedding ceremonyPriest appears to be touching the small flame during South Asian wedding ceremonybright colors and smiles from family membersLunch is served inside the Palmdale estate

Wedding reception tables at the Palmdale Estates are prepared for guests.

Guests getting food at the lunchtime receptionCoffee for the guests at the reception

Guests and family at Mehendi party before wedding

The cube of photos includes colorful fabrics and  hand painting from the Mehndi party.

Guest view of Hotel Cabana

The Crowne Plaza Cabana club hotel in Palo Alto.

Bride and groom portrait in Cabana hotelColorful flowers await guests on the tables at the Crowne plaza reception

Table decorations for the wedding reception at Crowne Plaza Cabana club.

Wedding cake with Mehndi drawings

Wedding cake decorated with intricate designs like those used for hand painting during the Henna.

The happy couple are introduced to the guests at the wedding receptionoff camera lighting used during father daughter danceCabana club in Palo Alto - candles and wedding rings

Wedding rings and and candles reflect on a mirror.

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