Just a short drive from the San Francisco Bay is the Napa Valley. Spending the day wine tasting is a great way to enjoy your bachelorette party. This 32 page album is from Cassie’s Napa Valley wine tasting adventure.

Napa Valley Sign - Bachelorette Girls

El Bonita Hotel - messages for bride

Decorating the wine glasses

The wedding veil

Riding in the limousine ( limo )

The limo arrives at Silver Oak Cellars - "Life is a Cabernet"

Elegant wood carving - statue - The bride wearing her veil views 100's of bottles of wine

The bachelorette party poses for a picture in the vineyards

Stained glass windows - gift shop at Silver Oak Cellars

Wine glass on the water fountain at Silver Oak Cellars

Water fountain at ZD Wines

Wine barrels full of wine - Wine making machine photo

Wine barrels stacked to the ceiling - Wine tasting photo

Winery tour at ZD wines

Wine tasting room and gift shop at ZD Wines

Bachelorette party group photo looking down on stacked wine barrels

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  1. James Brown

    Very lovely work, as always! Well done 🙂

  2. hal

    Cool bachelorette party and album. Napa’s the perfect location, looking out at the rain your images make me long for a getaway.

  3. Eric L

    Looks like a really fun event. And terrific design!

  4. Tony Cooper

    I love the image of the bride in front of the wine cellar. Reminds me of a wine cellar in a nearby restaurant… also behind glass with well-placed lighting.

  5. Bjorn | Fotografie Luna

    Never shot a bachelorette before, looking forward to do it one day, cause it sure looks fun, and you really managed to capture the fun on photo!

  6. Scott Allan

    I’m jealous… photographing weddings in Napa must be a pleasure.
    I really enjoyed your work, great color and use of light. Your clients must be pleased.

  7. ebphoto

    I like the way you present different pictures in one. This tells a whole story.

    Very inspiring!

  8. Sandi Shipley

    This looks like a great group! You created some really fun images for this event!

  9. Mastin Studio

    This is a fun group of photos nice job! It’s a great idea to photograph a bachelorette weekend.

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