Your wedding will take place at the base of a hill with wonderful greenery all around and a canopy of trees providing shade for the wedding and guests.

Wonderful greenery will surround your outdoor wedding ceremony at Wildwood Acres in Lafayette, CA

Once the ceremony is completed you and your guests will enjoy the beautifully planted garden and lights the illuminate the seating for the tiered reception area. Later you will dance the night way under the stars in Lafayette.

Wildwood Acres Resort is located in Lafayette, California. Phone: (925) 283-2600 Website:

Wildwood Acres
1055 Hunsaker Canyon Rd,
Lafayette, CA 94549

The Lafayette Park Hotel is a special place to get married not only because of the quiet spender and elegance that shows through in wedding photos I’ve made there, but also because I was married there. I’ve included this location in the post about Wildwood Acres, because you use the hotel as a location to get ready before your wedding there. It’s just a 10 minute drive from the Lafayette Park Hotel to Wildwood Acres.

Courtyard of Lafayette Park Hotel

Our ceremony took place in the courtyard as most weddings there do. I checked the location of the sun on the day we were to be married, and planned the time of the wedding ceremony so that the sun would be in the best location for photos. I scouted out the lobby, and decided the best time for a family group photo on the stairs. I know all the angles and best locations to make wonderful photos from your wedding day should you choose Keith Simonian Photography to photograph your wedding day at the Lafayette Park Hotel.

The Lafayette Park Hotel is located in Lafayette, California. Phone: (925) 263-1725 Website: