The vibrance and excitement of the South Bay Area is captured in Santana Row.

The vibrance of Santa Row makes for a great area for a wedding reception

You park your car and walk to Maggaino’s in the middle of Santana Row. If you are the bride and groom wearing a tuxedo and wedding dress strangers you pass by realize you just got married and congratulate you. It’s not something that happens to you every day, and there is now other way to describe it other than to say, “it’s pretty cool”.

The guests at the wedding reception after enjoying their meal at Maggiano’s Little Italy will get a chance to indulge their sweet tooth’s by eating this white three layer wedding cake.

The key element that makes this photo work is having a little extra light on side of the cake we see in this photo. The sunlight is making the window side of the photo quite bright. To equal out the lighting somewhat, I used fill flash on “our” side of the cake to pull out the detail that would be silhouetted otherwise. While in the resulting photo the window side is still much brighter, all the details of in the cake are visible.

Maggiano’s Little Italy is located in San Jose, California. Phone: (408) 423-8973 Website:

Santana Row,
3055 Olin Ave,
San Jose, CA 95128