As the final preparations take place for the wedding ceremony at the Canyon Creek Church in San Ramon the bridesmaids pose for a silly photo which depicts the famous scene of Ear no Evil, See no Evil, Speak no Evil.

Bridesmaids pose for a goofy photo while getting ready for wedding

It would be great to suggest that these three bridesmaids where just sitting in the room with the bride getting ready and decided to strike this pose. Let’s just say the three bridesmaid were indeed sitting in that location while the bride was getting ready and some unknown person suggested this pose might make a for an interesting photo. It’s great to be prepared to capture moments of the wedding day that happen spontaneously. Sometimes though, a fun image can be created with just a small suggestion.

The Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church is located in San Ramon, California. Phone: (925) 244-1200 Website:

Canyon Creek Presbyterian Church
9015 S Gale Ridge Rd
San Ramon, CA 94582