This composite image shows storm clouds over the Eldorado hotel in Reno Nevada, and a full moon taken from another day and another place.

Reno Nevada Eldorado hotel and full moon composite

I’ve seen many full moon composites that people thought were a single photo. The image of the moon in this photo was made with a 400mm lens, while the hotel image was made with a 17mm wide angle lens. If there had been a full moon the evening I made the hotel image, it would have been about 5% as large as this moon is. Another way to spot a composite with the moon is the impossible depth of field. The building on the left is about 20 yards away from me, while the moon is 250,000 or so miles away. It’s almost impossible to get something 20 yards and 250,000 miles away both sharp in a single photo.

Eldorado Hotel
345 N Virginia St,
Reno, NV 89501