The cruise was over and now it was time for our visit to London and Paris. The trip to London would be from Southampton by bus after getting off the cruise ship. Long story short, Princess found yet another way to screw something up. We arrived at our hotel at 2:34 pm which was too late for our planned visit that day. So we had to wing and find a new site to visit.

Night view of the London Library and the St. Pancras Renaissande Hotel from the top floor our hotel the Pullman London St. Pancras Hotel.

Night time view of London from the Pullman London St Pancras Hotel

Hyde park and the 190 foot tall Albert Memorial.  Not a bad photo considering it was taken through the window of our bus traveling at 25 kph.

The Albert Memorial - Hyde Park - London

Another bus window photo. This photo shows the distinctive London cab zooming along the park.

Distinctive black London cab zoom by

The White walls of the Somerset house.

Somerset House London England

If you are going to visit a tourist attraction, you must include your shoes in the photo, like this winding staircase in the Somerset House.

Circular staircase and view of my shoes

The line to enter the London Eye weaves back and forth. It wasn’t too bad. Just a 15 minute wait. Better than most rides at Disneyland.

The winding pathway that leads visitors to the London Eye - London England

View of the Jubilee Gardens and Southbank Place from the London Eye.

View of the Jubilee Gardens from the London Eye

The height of the London Eye didn’t bother me until top when I realized we were no longer hanging down.

View from top of London Eye of another car also at the top

Making a photo thru the glass and towards the sun is usually quite difficult. But I wanted to capture Big Ben and the Parliament building in this photo. Sadly now when I look at this photo I see the Westminster bridge which we crossed later that day and is now remembered as just one more place that something bad happened.

View from London Eye of Big Ben and Parliament building

Big Ben, the English Parliament building and the Underground sign for the Westminster station.

Big Ben - the Parliament building - the Underground stationI don’t know what was going on here.

London tourists dressed in pink posing for a group photoColorful graffiti on the red bricks

The restaurant at our hotel which features a large Whisky display.

Pullman London St Pancras Hotel restaurant

Night view of the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel with streaks of light from passing vehicles and buses.

Nigh view of St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

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