After a day at sea, the 13th day of the trip was spent in the port town of Le Havre France. For many on the ship, the port town would be where the bus picked them up on their day’s journey to Paris. Being that we were going to spend a couple days in Paris after the cruise, a long, long bus ride there so that we could look at the Eiffel tower for a few moments wasn’t in the cards. We would be exploring the town of Le Havre.

While the most famous church in town is the Eglise St-Joseph, the Cathedrale Notre-Dame provided the greatest photo taking opportunities.

Stained glass window of the Cathedrale Notre Dame - Le Havre, France

Le Havre is first and foremost a port town that cruise ships visit so their guest can go somewhere else.

Le Havre is a major port town in northern France's Upper Normandy region. The early morning ski casts a blue color on the already blue ship in port.

Just so you know, you are here. After looking at time stamps and previous photos along with Google Maps, I was able to determine “HERE” was the tourist direction sign in front of Pharmacie Deparis at 162 Rue de Paris in La Havre, France.

You are here - Le Havre France

The interior of St. Joseph’s church.

Interior photo of Eglise St-Joseph in Le Havre France

The arches of the Cathedral Notre-Dame that survived bombings during World War Two.

The arches of the Cathedral Notre Dame that survived the bombings during World War Two - Le Havre, FranceBeautiful painting inside the Cathedral Notre Dame - Le Havre, France

No Photoshop tricks, that is just how it looked. It certainly is an impressive steam.

This French worker displays quite an impressive steam

One can spot the true genius of a photographer if they are talented enough to include their reflection in a work of art.

It's truly talented photographer who can capture his reflection in the art work around town - Le Havre, France

See yeah Le Havre. The tall building is St Joseph’s church.

Waves splashing against the sea barrier just outside La Havre, France. The Eglise St-Joseph is the tall building in the background.

The work starts almost as soon as the ship is docked because the turn around time is only several hours before it back to sea. The early morning light gave a green tint to water in Southampton, England where we were docked.

A crane lifts the workers who must quickly get their work done as the ship is in port for only a part of the day. Southampton, England

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