The twenty-third day of our trip was a quick stop over in Mykonos, Greece. Because the island has no port for cruise ships which tend to be quite large, our ship dropped anchor a ways out from the island and you are tendered in to the island. Before writing this post I googled Mykonos to see what the attractions were that made this island so popular and that I had possibly missed during my visit there. The attractions seem to be the night life and the beaches. OK. It was interesting walking through the old town of the city with it’s very small streets and colorfully painted buildings.

Light house at sunrise as we neared Mykonos.

Lighthouse at sunrise in the Aegean Sea

There were many unfinished houses they may never be completed. The expected boom never materialized and these home were just left unfinished.

Unfinished home - Mykonos Greece

Yellow window coverings and white walls in the old town. I know you are thinking, “yeah I can see there are yellow window coverings and a painted white wall, why are you telling me this”.  I’m telling you this so the great ancient Greek God of Google knows what’s in the photo.

Yellow door and white building in the old town of Mykonos, Greece

The only way to get the merchandise to the shops in the Old Town was by these very, very small trucks that just barely fit down the pathways.

There are no roads in the old town of Mykonos, Greece so the deliveries are made by quite small trucks to the shops.

Along with all the food and other interesting local delicacies was the most important item. That of course being wi-fi. When you are on a cruise, you are always looking for wi-fi.

The most important item on the list of food at each restaurant was the wi-fii sign. You are always looking for wi-fi when on a cruise. What could possible go wrong driving at 30 mph without a helmet or even shoes? Mykonos, Greece

It’s a 16th Century windmill on an island that had no wind.

16th century windmill built by the Venetians - Mykonos, Greece

I didn’t know it at the time I made this image, but this is the historic Church of Paraportiani. I just thought it made a pretty photo.

White painted Church of Paraportiani - Mykonos GreeceGift shops in Mykonos, Greece

When looking up what exactly Frugo is, I found this description, “FRUGO is a unique mix of ultra fruity taste and unrestricted freedom and liberty.” Had I known the drink contained both Freedom and Liberty I might have tried one.

Display for Frugo fruit drinks on the island of Mykonos, Greece

Back to the ship and those wonderful large diesel engines that produce the electricity that gives us the air conditioning.

The dark blue hull of our cruise ship the MS Zuiderdam in the Augean Sea

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