I’ll be honest with you. I have never watched an episode of Game of Thrones. I had no idea where Croatia was, and I had never heard of the city of Dubrovnik. All that has changed for the better, I know where Croatia is, I have visited the amazing city of Dubrovnik, and I still haven’t watched an episode of Game of Thrones.

After touring the city walls during the day, we went back to view the city at night. This image from that night is my favorite from the entire trip. I was able to make this 8 second exposure through the use of a mini tripod that came in quite handy  on the trip.

The twilight over Dubrovnik along with the city lights makes for a spectacular photo

The trip into port started with wonderful views.

The blue waters greet visitors to the Dubrovnik port

Much of the city can be viewed from the walls above

King’s Landing where the Game of Thrones is filmed.

Kings Landing Dubrovnik Croatia where the HBO show Game of Thrones is filmed

Walking the wall around Dubrovnik Croatia

As you walk around the wall you can see the homes and apartments of the people that live inside the wall.

Laundry hangs outside one of the apartments that are inside the wall - Dubrovnik, Croatia

Yes, the water really is that Blue. The “hole in the wall” and the Buzo Bar can be seen at the bottom left of the photo.

The very blue waters seen from the wall in Dubrovnik Croatia.

A view of the city and the deep blue water - Dubrovnik,CroatiaThe city of Dubrovnik,Croatia seen through a window in the fort's wall.Mediterranean-Icecream

The clouds roll in as evening becomes night in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Visiting the town during the evening helps avoid the crush of tourists that are there during the day. Plus it makes for better photo opportunities.

The city of Dubrovnik, Croatia is even more inviting in the evening as the crowds thin out.

It takes a little bit of luck to find the hole in the wall which leads to the Buza Bar. ( Our tour guide almost didn’t find it. The entrance almost looks like you are going into someone’s home. ) Once there you are treated to wonderful ocean views and the outside of the wall.

View of the ocean from outside the wall at the hole in the wall cafe-Dubrovnik,Croatia

Sometimes you make a mistake and get lucky. This was an 15 second exposure that I thought was already done. It wasn’t.

Sometimes a mistake can become a work of art so to speak.

The clear shot of the  building below is what I was attempting to photograph in the photo above.
To quote the famous Maxwell Smart, “I missed it by thaaaat much”.

The blue night sky and tourists on one of the beautiful buildings in Dubrovnik, Croatia

I’m pretty sure this was just for the tourists.

They come marching through town for the tourists

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    Croatia is one of the countries that I wanted to see but never made it there. Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

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