This past Sunday while driving home from an engagement session in San Francisco I stopped at the Marin side vista point of the Golden Gate Bridge to see if the heavy evening traffic would make for a nice photo. That’s the amazing thing about the Golden Gate bridge, even a traffic jam on the bridge can make for a nice photo. Here are the details on how this image was made. I was hand holding a 70-200mm f 4.0 zoom on my Canon 5D Mark II and took the photo at 1/25 of a second at f 4.5 ISO 2500 using the image stabilization ( IS ) feature. The IS made it possible to take a steady photo at 1/25 of second with the lens extended out to 200mm. While the traffic made for a nice photo, I don’t think that was on the minds of the travelers who were slowly moving across the bridge at 8:48 PM on a Sunday night.

Golden Gate Bridge Rush Hour

The Transamerica Pyramid, Coit Tower and other San Francisco landmarks from the Marin side vista point at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Transamerica pyramid from Vista point

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