Sometimes in the wedding photography business the couple who’s wedding you are going to photograph has traveled across the county for their wedding ceremony and you meet them for the very first time their wedding day.

Sometimes it’s completely the opposite. Like when you do the consultation with the bride and groom and other family members also attend. Then you do the couple’s engagement session and also photograph a religious ceremony at their parent’s home, then 2 days before the wedding you photograph the mehndi party. By the wedding day you have had so much contact with the family that most of them know you are not a fan spicy food.

What happens most often is a meeting with the couple, maybe an engagement session, then capturing the joy and excitement of their wedding day and providing hundreds of images and an album for the couple to enjoy. That’s all the used to happen. Now everything is different with Facebook when you befriend the couple. You can read about the couple’s progress in school, the announcement that they are expecting their first born, or even that their first born is now old enough to use a bedazzler on her ballet leotard.

So is was with great interest that I read a facebook posting about Greg and his crime fighting adventures.

Black and white photo of bride and groom at Hiddenbrooke Golf club - Vallejo, California

It turns out Greg’s work involving 1,200 hours of his own time to document the fraud by a tow truck operator who a judge called “worse than Bernie Madoff” was instrumental in bringing the criminal to justice. A more complete description of all the work Greg did  and a complete story can be found at  Ethics Hero – Attorney Greg Adler and also at Hero: Greg Adler. The photo above is from a day Greg took a break from crime fighting, that being is his wedding day at Hiddenbrooke Golf Club. Keep up the good work Greg.

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  1. François

    I love the light on the bride and the black and white. Great shot.

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