Two days before her wedding, Priya and her family hosting a Mehndi party for family and friends. As the bride, Priya had the most elaborate henna skin decorations applied. After Priya’s henna decorations were done,  family and guests had drawings done on  the palm of their hands. Santosh even stopped by later in the evening and had a heart with both his name and Priya’s name applied to his hand.

Henna application is a temporary form of skin decorationDecorations above the door great the guestsEloborate drawings with hennaThe bride normally has her hands, arms and feet decorated during the MehndiGuest has their palm decorated with the hennaGuests were treated to beautifully decorated chocolate covered strawberries.Photo of chocolate covered strawberriesCandles outside the doorFour different guests at the Mehndi gathering show their painted handsSantosh had his hand decorated with two hearts. Photo of grooms hand with two hearts made with henna temporary skin decoration

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  1. Paul Mozell Photography

    Great work Keith. Your photographs have a wonderful joyous quality to them.

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