Napa Wedding Photographer Keith Simonian

Napa Valley Wedding Photographer

It's your wedding day, and you have spent months and months planning this one day to celebrate your marriage in the Napa Valley.

You want a photographer who shares your passion and excitement about this special day.

You want a photographer to capture the details, the moments, and the joy your wedding will bring.

You want a photographer who knows when to step back and let the moment happen while still creating an image that you will cherish forever.

You want a photographer who has the Napa Valley experience to create stylish photos in a condensed time frame.

If you like the images and style you've seen, then please drop me a line. I'd love to meet with you and your fiancé to discuss your vision for that special day, and how I can create a memory of that day that you will cherish forever.
Wine Glass from Silver Oak winery in the Napa Valley
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