Brooklyn Bridge Night Photo with Canon 5D Mark 3 & lens cap tripod

Brooklyn Bridge Night Photo with Canon 5D Mark 3 & lens cap tripod

My recent vacation to the East Coast included an unplanned stop in Brooklyn for all of one hour. Because of bad weather during our cruise, a stop at Martha’s Vineyard was scrapped and an extra 12 hours in New York was added. That extra 12 hours allowed my wife and I to take a night time tour of New York and Brooklyn. That tour included a stop to a pier at the base of the Brooklyn bridge. This is the night time image of the Brooklyn bridge I was able to capture with just the use of a lens cap to create a tripod and allowed me take an exposure of over 3 seconds with no camera shake.

The night lights reflect off the East river as the Brooklyn bridge stands above.

Here is the data for the photo. Canon 5D Mark 3, Canon 16mm to 35mm f/4.0 zoom at f/5.0 & 16mm. ISO 500 at 3 seconds.

The lens cap of the Canon 16mm to 35mm zoom works as an on the go tripod for long exposure photos.
I was able to get the correct angle of the bridge by using the lens cap of the zoom to tilt the camera upwards and still get a steady shot while placing the camera on hand railing about 4 feet high. This technique works best if you set the shutter release to a 2 second delay so you can steady the camera and yourself. I usually take a breath before the shutter fires, so my breathing while holding the camera down doesn’t effect the photo. Like most things in life, fortune favors the prepared.

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