Prophoto Blog Discount Code – Pro Photo Blog Promo Code – $10 Discount on a Prophoto Blog Theme

Prophoto Blog Discount Code – Pro Photo Blog Promo Code – $10 Discount on a Prophoto Blog Theme

It’s 2013 and you have decided that you need a professional looking blog that is easily customized and now you are ready to purchase a prophoto blog. This discount – promo code  KSIM1657 will save you $10 on the purchase of any version of the prophoto blog.

With a pro photo blog theme you can create easy to use flash slide shows and galleries that can contain SEO so that the search engines will find your work. Many professional photographers also use the prophoto blog as an all in one website/blog with a static home page. Best of all, the online galleries will also display on these mobile devices and smart phones – Apple iPad and iPod and all the new tablets that are flash based. Enough about the many features of the prophoto wordpress blog theme. On to saving you money.

Just follow the three easy steps listed here and with the 2012 code you will receive a $10 discount on a Prophoto Blog.

                    Just use these 3 EASY STEPS for the $10 Prophoto Discount Code KSIM1657
              Step 1: Click on this Link: * Purchase Prophoto Blog with Discount *
              Step 2: Click on the Buy tab at top of page – The code has already been entered for you.
              Step 3: Continue with the Check out process. Start blogging.

You want a new website for 2013 and this discount code – KSIM1657 – will get you started with the Prophoto blog website. This code has no expiration date.

Some of the official new features the Prophoto 4 blog Template theme includes

Built in call to action Links

Improved menu navigation links

Ability to upload custom Fonts

Auto Updates will perform work in background

New mobile version the works better with the new iOS 6 iPad and iPhone operating system

Long awaited Grid Layouts with the customization you have come to expect from the Prophoto 4 blog

The prophoto blog is always current and is completely compatible with the latest version of wordpress ( version 3.5 )

Now you can use the call to action button to allow your readers to pin your photos with a simple click of the Pin It call to action button. Just follow these instructions to customize your Prophoto blog with a Pinterest call to action button.

5 Replies to “Prophoto Blog Discount Code – Pro Photo Blog Promo Code – $10 Discount on a Prophoto Blog Theme”

  1. Just purchased the brand new prophoto 4 blog.
    What a great way to start the new year. Thanks for the $10 discount code.

  2. Thanks for sharing the prophoto promo code. It worked just fine, and the three step ordering process made it even easier to use.

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